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Business Analyst Skills

Participate with peers and represent the business on project teams. Complementary coursework included projects and reports for accounting, marketing, economics, statistics, and computer science courses. Completed in-depth analyses for business optimization projects boosting revenue by 11.8%. Implemented a customer service process that reduced refund requests by 32% and direct labor costs by $2.5 million. Finally, pay attention to the fact that the recruiter or hiring manager will focus on results. Regardless who reads your resume first, they’re looking to quantify any investment made.

The BA must logically reason and make judgments based on evidence and assumptions. This competency group consists of the following competencies. A professional business analyst plays a big role in moving an organization toward efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Business Analysts have emerged to have a key role in recent business scenarios. Some people think that the role of Business Analyst is to make money for the organization, which may not be true in direct context.

As a BA’s activity often includes a project manager’s scope of work, the associate software also comes in handy. The most complex, and therefore, the most popular are Atlassian’s Jira, Trello, and Asana, and the like. Each of them allows forming a big backlog, planning a sprint, allocating tasks for every team member, and even setting time limits.

Business analysts are hired to help organizations or clients develop their procedures and structures by evaluating the business model or its technology implementation. They look at how a company operates by conducting research and analyzing data to develop their knowledge. In turn, they suggest methods for the company to improve its practices, processes, products, services, and software. We’ve already touched upon the importance of breaking down silos. This skill will take time to develop, particularly if you are a beginner, and you don’t yet have the skills for preparing the documentation required for the role.

You don’t need a BA that much if you operate in a specific business domain where requirements are unlikely to change in the next five years and can be formed as an SRS documentation. Such cases need a project coordinator rather than a BA, whose role you may substitute as a business owner upon elaborating the requirements. You need a Product Business Analyst when you’ve already outlined your business model . As a business owner, you’ve already determined your business value and approximate requirements, but the technical point and its implementation aren’t clearly seen. At the same time, you want your future product or service to strictly fall in line with your business value and needs. The software BA’s main responsibility is to ensure that the engineering team has kept in line with all business requirements throughout the whole development stage.

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