Northern Lights Wompat In Between Size

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This is made out of the blues and greens of Northern Lights and is the inbetween size. Here is the thread from when I commissioned it which tells you a little more about it

I have taken lots of photographs of it for you just now, bear with me for the photo spam. It is in good used condition, with some wear/rub marks to the straps and some marks/gentle fade at the top inner corners (black side between straps and hood) from use.

I don't think they make this size any more, but would estimate it for 1 - 2.5 years. This one measures 39.5cm from top of the waistband to base of hood. Distance between straps at the top (along base of hood) is 32.5cm, width at bottom near waistband is 34.5cm and width at the widest point is 47.5cm. Width at the leg padding section just at the top of the darts is approx 44.5cm The longest length for the shoulder straps is approximately 114cm fastened, and the shortest is approximately 41cm.

I am looking for £70 plus postage please. I could also deliver to Big Camp, but would funds in advance to reserve it for you.
by Naomi macIver, on Flickr

by Naomi macIver, on Flickr

by Naomi macIver, on Flickr

by Naomi macIver, on Flickr

by Naomi macIver, on Flickr

by Naomi macIver, on Flickr

by Naomi macIver, on Flickr