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How To Build Storage Shelves For Less Than $75

This makes your garage looks untidy and disorganized. And for people that get easily irritated with untidiness and cluttering, it can be frustrating. 1×2 polar is actually 3/4″x1.5″ in size.

Since our shelves butt up against the side shiplap wall, I only needed to cut one side piece. You can see this in the exploded view above. Measure how tall you’d like to make your shelf and how high up you’d like it to be installed. Use the drywall saw to cut out drywall between studs, using a stud finder to be exact. Building your own garage shelf is actually fun if you have the know-how and needed tools. Before you begin, it is expedient that you determine the measurement for your shelf using your measuring tape.

(Lumber sizing makes no sense!) The MDF or plywood used for the bare shelves is 3/4″ thick. So adding the poplar facing the the cubby sides means they extend less than 1/2″ into the cubby on each side. From the top, the overhand is 3/4″ into the top of the cubby. So once the poplar is added, a 14″x14″ cubby becomes 13″x13.25″. Depending on the space you are working with and how much margin you want to allow around each bin, 14.5″ or 15″ cubbies would probably work better. Remove everything from the closet including old shelves you will no longer be using.

Use a power drill to make pilot holes, followed by the screws. A recessed shelf is ideal for a small space, such as a narrow hallway or bathroom wall. Perfect for holding hair product bottles or decor accents, this shelf sits right in the wall so it doesn’t protrude into the limited space of the room. While this project may seem like a job for a professional, you can bet that it’s completely doable with the right tips and tools. Follow along with our instructions to check this weekend project off your to-do list. We see this being a great fit if you are a person that has lots of plastic storage tubs and no great way to organize.

Supporting a shelf in the middle strengthens a shelf more than you might think (Fig. H). Weight on one side of a middle support helps hold up weight on the other side, like kids on a see-saw. The net effect is that one long shelf with a center support can hold up more weight than two shorter shelves. Each of these shelves is the same thickness, length and width. The solid wood shelf holds up four times the weight of the plain particleboard shelf.

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